New simultaneous player record for 2004 | EVE Online

New simultaneous player record for 2004

2004-09-05 - 作者 CCP Hellmar

Congratulations everybody on our new record 10.744! What a solid increase over our last record :-)
This record is the effect of various items falling into place:

  • Hardware upgrade fully tuned for maximum performance
  • Summer vacations are over (the effects of which could clearly be seen in various trends)
  • Last patch bringing performance and stability improvements
  • The Power of 2 campaign being quite well received

... and of course you, our fantastic players whose constant devotion to EVE continues to inspire us to do better.

As you see we have been rising in simultaneous usage over the last 3-4 Sundays and it is quite foreseeable that we'll continue to rise steadily until we upgrade Tranquility to Shiva with a big bang on the 3rd of November.

We are working on some solid improvements with regards to performance to meet the demands of Shiva, so expect EVE to be even smoother.

Thank you all for making this possible.

  • Hellmar