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New Souls for the Paragon and Esoteria Regions

2005-12-11 - 作者 Svarthol

If a pilot were to venture into the regions that were once the territories of the Stain Empire, he would be most likely to encounter only death and destruction. The latest pages in the history of the southern regions are indeed ones of conflict and struggle, both political and military.
It started with a fratricide war between the Stain Empire and the Stain- Alliance, a conflict amplified by an invasion of northern forces, leading to instability and fractioning.

Yet, if the same pilot were to venture further south, deep into the Esoteria region, he would find a new alliance striving to rebuild on the ashes of war, unimpeded by the still-raging battle between the Ascendant Frontier on the one hand and the G Alliance and its allies on the other.
The Prime Orbital Systems alliance was founded by Oberon Incorporated, a veteran corporation that has seen more than its share of destruction, be it during the Great Northern War or in the conflict between the Alliance and the Empire. After three years of activity, it has decided to "take [its] destiny into [its] own hands" and create an alliance "that builds rather than destroys," as explained by Tabatha, one of the corporation’s directors.

Asserting the alliance's dedication to peace and prosperity for the region it considers home, Tabatha went on to specify that Prime Orbital Systems operate under a 'Not Red; Leave It' policy, meaning that neutral entities are not to be harmed. She was also clear about the fact that "no tactical, strategic or logistical role [was taken] in any of the conflicts in the South."

However, Oberon is very preoccupied about the future of the southern regions, stating that "the future is uncertain," but that they hope that "nations may eventually work together to achieve a common goal rather than distracting each other with violent aggression, hindering progress."

This desire for peace and prosperity is shared by their close neighbours in the Paragon Soul region; the newfound Tribal Souls alliance.
The Setenta corporation - a long-time resident of the Paragon Soul region - has founded "an alliance of like-minded corporations who aspire to create a home within the Paragon region," as described by Abriana Overlord, who went on to define their objectives; "It is our intention to turn Paragon in to a market-driven region of space for the friends of the Tribe."

While the objectives are similar, the outlook is somewhat different, with a more optimistic stance in Paragon Soul, whose residents feel that the region will be "getting more secure over time." An effort echoed by Abriana Overlord who stated that the Tribe knows that "we have to stand together to hold what we will call our own and our home."

She also feels that the recent struggles have had a positive impact in the sense that "it forced the south to re-evaluate certain things and become more lean," such as being less ambitious in region control and focus. This position is also shared by Oberon Incorporated, for whom "it has become clear that micro-management of a small region of space is viable, whereas the macro-management of a large group of multiple regions is at this time difficult to impossible, given the abilities of current pod technology."

Both, nonetheless, are waiting expectantly to see how events will unfold with the deterioration of the mutual understanding between the southern entities and the escalation of the war in Feythabolis.