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NORAD space invaded by expanding Goonfleet

2006-06-30 - 作者 Svarthol

OUTER RING. Fierce battles have been raging throughout the Outer Ring Region as the Goonswarm alliance continues their expansion efforts into space held by members of the New Outer Ring Allied Democracy (NORAD).

Goonswarm was founded at the beginning of the month after splintering off from the OSS alliance and immediately annouced that they would contest NORAD's control over Outer Ring. The region has seen a number of battles in recent weeks, with much activity centred on the 4C-B7X system, the central location of NORAD's operations. Goonswarm reported that mercenaries from SMASH alliance were tasked with destroying starbases that were being used by NORAD pilots to mine moon resources, and to defend territory. Later claiming that all NORAD operated structures in the region have been destroyed.

When quizzed regarding the conflict, Cefte of Goonfleet, the founding Corporation of Goonswarm explained that their intention was to expand into Outer Ring, stating "Syndicate is too crowded for us", official records show that Goonswarm currently has over two thousand members. Cefte also stated that his alliance was interested in the ISK making opportunities present in Outer Ring, however, it was not stated if this was through mining or by helping ORE with their operations in the area.

Goonswarm had publicly offered NORAD member corporations the opportunity to surrender. The agreement would allow NORAD member corporations the time to leave the Outer Ring region unharmed, however, the topic became the subject of heated discussions between members and non-members of the involved parties on GalNet. At the time of interview, Cefte stated that no NORAD corporations had accepted this surrender offer.

Barin Serrano, who operates NORAD Foreign Affairs, said that NORAD is "currently using hit and run tactics" against the invading forces. In an interview, he stated that Goonswarm have rejected the notion of talks outside GalNet, and added "I do not believe they will want a peaceful solution to this". However, Barin Serrano was adamant that NORAD would continue fighting to remain in Outer Ring, despite Goonswarm claims that NORAD would have difficulty funding a prolonged war.