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Numerous Holders ban usage of Transcranial Microcontrollers

2009-07-21 - 作者 Svarthol

Many of the more powerful Holders in conservative areas of the Empire have begun banning the use of transcranial microcontrollers by subservient Holders.

Lord Tapur, the Holder of Dakba, stated that the move was a mere formality. "None of the lesser Holders under my charge would think of using them. But a statement needed to be made and I have made it. We will not allow change for change's sake to poison the moral fiber of the Empire and allow us to drift down a dangerous pathway toward corruption. We have already weathered many blows to our traditions and piety in recent times. We cannot allow more to assail us."

Exact numbers are not available, but nearly 80 percent of the Holders in the Ammatar Mandate and other Ardishapur Family domains are estimated to have banned their usage, while high numbers have also been reported in the Kador Family's domains. Few Holders outside these areas have banned the controllers' use, with almost none being reported in the Tash-Murkon Region, where the recent debate first ignited.

Lord Ojir of Sehmy, one of the proponents of transcranial microcontroller use, felt the move was emblematic of what he called the "stodgy conservative element in Amarr society." According to Lord Ojir, "The debate isn't about microcontrollers. It's about proper morality. We have people who want things to remain the way it was when they were born: when the Empire was unchallenged, Heideran VII was Emperor, and all was right in the cluster. Those days are past, and to reach them again, we cannot continually look back and simper over what once was."