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Odamia Falls Under Caldari Onslaught

2008-06-16 - 作者 Svarthol

And So It Begins - Only days after CONCORD announced the Emergency Militia War Powers Act, the Caldari State have occupied the Gallente Federation system of Odamia in Placid.

The State Protectorate fleet led by Strike Commander Daniel Jackson have been operating in the Placid region for approximately one week, conducting raids on Federal facilities. The force consisted of approximately thirty frigate, destroyer and cruiser class vessels. Jackson was assisted by some very capable fleet members including Wing Commander Naisa who managed fleet logistics. He is quick to point out that he had other very capable commanders throughout this stage of deployment, who kept things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Whilst on maneuvers, intelligence arrived indicating the location of a vulnerable command and control bunker in the system of Odamia. Upon arrival in the system the fleet launched a full assault.

Expecting a high level of resistance it is surprising that of the main Federal militia forces, there were only "two [targets] sitting at 300km from [the bunker]" according to Jackson. Lieutenant Colonel Steve Celeste also noted an "interceptor while [they] were taking the bunker into armor." However Captain Cyracis did point out that he was "organizing the support wing of battlecruisers and battleships" so that they would be ready for any counterattack on their position.

Odamia was the first system to fall in this conflict. It is now time for the Gallente to repond. However for the moment Ensign Cyriel Longinus sums up the general attitude of the fleet:

"Glory to the State."