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Pirate activity surges, DED considers its options

2004-06-16 - 作者 Svarthol

After many meager months it seems that pirate activity is on the rise again. News agencies are being flooded with reports that pirates, emboldened by recent overhaul in their command structure and new ships, are now operating close to stargates, harassing unsuspecting spacefarers.

DED recently warned about this possibility, citing that the confidence of all the major pirate groups are soaring, which naturally results in bolder attacks by them. DED will monitor the situation closely over the next few days to see how the pilot community responds to these developments, hoping that the increased pirate activity will not disrupt trade and mining operations overly much.

Meanwhile, accusations are flying as to whom to blame for the sudden surge in pirate activity. Some are blaming the Jovians, others Caldari armament manufacturers and still others claim that DED itself is responsible, in order to increase their annual budget through illusionary importance. For all those pilots suffering at the hands of pirates in the outer regions, the truth is perhaps irrelevant.