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Price Indices – September 2011

2011-10-25 - 作者 CCP Recurve

The four price indices of New Eden have been calculated for September 2011.  For more detail on the indices, please refer to the Market Indices page on Evelopedia.

Prices of PI made POS fuel rise by 15% from last month.  The index blog for August mentioned the negative correlation between the prices of PI made POS fuel and ice products.  Sure enough, this month sees ice product prices decline, but only by a meager 1.4%.  This is less than one would expect, were it not for the entrepreneurial spirit of the Goons, who started disincentivizing the production of oxygen isotopes near the end of the month, through suicide ganking of the mining barges that supply it.  This market is clearly the one to watch for October.

Datacore prices continue to rise for the second month in row.  The price level is now close to what it was in May.  This suggests that the effect of the agent changes in June on datacore supply were mostly temporary, or that any long term effect is rather small.

Sometimes, the price history, from which we calculate the price indices, washes ashore some interesting remnants from the past.  Guardian-Vexors are an improved version of the Vexor that entered the game in connection with a live event in 2004.  Recently, a Guardian-Vexor cruiser was traded on the market.  This is the first time we see it in our logs for many years.  Back in the day, it sold for 500 million ISK, having risen from an initial price of 50 million in the first trade.  However, the price of this latest transaction was just under 40 billion.  That‘s close to the construction cost of a titan.

Another interesting collector‘s item that regularly pops up in the logs is Astronautic Engineering.  This skill claims to allow research and production in the field, but in reality it does absolutely nothing.  It was introduced to the market by mistake in August 2007, originally sold by NPCs for 10 million, and withdrawn 2 weeks later.  The withdrawal made this entirely useless skill a collector‘s item, which now sells for over 5 billion.  So far this year, the skill has been traded 27 times on the market.  The rising value of this item is depicted in the graph below.

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The index values for September are:

 **August 2011****1 Month Change****12 Month Change**
Mineral Price Index73.91.1%19.5%
Primary Producer Price Index77.70.1%24.5%
Secondary Producer Price Index111.8-0.1%8.1%
Consumer Price Index65.40.3%7.6%

The following graph shows the development of the indices since October 2003.

Click image to enlarge

Full series of the four main price indices in Excel format

Full series of the four main price indices in CSV format

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