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Quantum Cores

2020-09-01 - 作者 EVE Development Team

Committed Capsuleers,

In the continuing efforts to revisit and iterate on core gameplay features of EVE, a new update to Structures is coming. These upcoming changes will have a timeline associated with them which you can read about below.

In the next release on 8 September, Quantum Cores will be introduced, and they will be an integral mechanic of structure gameplay moving forward.

Quantum Cores will become a necessary item involved in the deployment phase of structures. In order for a structure to fully complete its deployment phase, the Quantum Core must be installed into the structure after the initial 24-hour anchoring phase. Once the structure becomes dockable after this anchoring phase, the Quantum Core will need to be installed into the Core Room in order for the structure to proceed past the initial onlining vulnerable state.

Once the Quantum Core is installed, the structure will begin the 15 minute repair timer that, when completed, will transition the structure to the shield vulnerable state. If no Quantum Core is installed, the structure will remain in the onlining vulnerable stage where the hull HP layer is exposed and the structure is vulnerable to destruction.

The Quantum Core is installed into the most central and heavily protected location within the structure, and because of this security, they will always survive the ultimate destruction of the structure intact. That is to say that the Quantum Core will drop 100% of the time from a structure's explosion. If a structure is unanchored instead of destroyed the Quantum Core will not be destroyed but also be placed into the same container that any fitted modules or service modules would be.

Here is an updated flow chart detailing the process for transitioning between structure state, with Quantum Core installation included in the new flow:

Each structure will require its own specific core variant to be installed. The table below reflects the required core for each structure.

StructureRequired CoreValue (ISK)Core Volume
AstrahusAstrahus Upwell Quantum Core600,000,000500 m3
AthanorAthanor Upwell Quantum Core700,000,000500 m3
RaitaruRaitaru Upwell Quantum Core800,000,000500 m3
FortizarFortizar Upwell Quantum Core4,000,000,00050,000 m3
TataraTatara Upwell Quantum Core3,500,000,00050,000 m3
AzbelAzbel Upwell Quantum Core3,000,000,00050,000 m3
KeepstarKeepstar Upwell Quantum Core30,000,000,000250,000 m3
SotiyoSotiyo Upwell Quantum Core10,000,000,000250,000 m3

Please note that the Faction Citadels and Palatine Keepstar will require Quantum Cores appropriate to their respective variants, the Fortizar and Keepstar.

All Quantum Cores will be available to purchase from the stations owned by these NPC Corporations:

  • Ducia Foundry
  • Eifyr and Co.
  • Chemal Tech
  • Propel Dynamics
  • Outer Ring Excavations

The following NPC corporations will purchase Quantum Cores from Capsuleers:

  • Modern Finances
  • Amarr Trade Registry
  • Bank of Luminaire
  • Pend Insurance
  • Garoun Investment Bank


There will be three distinct phases which will be communicated further closer to the time of each phase. Whilst the first one will go live on 8 September, the next phase will go live in October and the final phase in January 2021.

  1. Seeding - 8 September 2020
  2. Required for new structures – 13 October 2020
  3. Required for existing structures - 12 January 2021


Beginning with the update on 8 September, Quantum Cores will become available on the market. This will allow you to begin acquiring them and moving them to your existing structures in space, or to prep for deployment of new structures.

All existing structures will have a new bay available to them, the Core Room. During the seeding phase, you will also have the ability to install the core into any existing structure's Core Room to be fully prepared for the future.

Required for new structures

The second phase of the rollout will enforce the rule that Quantum Cores will be a required installation to complete the anchoring process for any newly deployed structures. This phase is expected to go live during the October update.

Deploying a structure in space will also include a notice of requirement for the installation of a core through the deployment UI window when choosing a structure name, profile, and reinforcement settings.

Required for existing structures

The final phase for the rollout of Quantum Cores will see some basic services that all structures offer become disabled until a core is installed. Without a core installed, ship fitting, tethering, and ship/module repair services will be disabled. As soon as the core is installed into the structure, these services will become operational again. This phase is expected to go live in the December update.

Consequences and Stakes

In EVE, death is a serious matter.

Many of the current efforts in the EVE ecosystem are focused on the consequences of player actions and the stakes required to make them. It should mean something every time you place a structure and every time you destroy one. At the moment, that isn't always the case. Deploying structures haphazardly to bait opponents is often seen by many as a good strategy, because razing them all down can be unsatisfying and laborious. By placing an ante in the core of every structure in space, the amount of structure spam will be reduced. The incentive and reward for attacking structures will be increased and the chance of both sides showing up to fight is also increased.

Fly safe, o7

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