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Rebooting and doing changes to our database (Updated)

2005-12-17 - 作者 Svarthol

**Update:**Tranquility crashed shortly after this reboot, we deployed further hotfixes and did more changes in our database layer. We were back up by 22:00 GMT the latest changes seem to have fixed a number of issues. We are still monitoring the situation.

We rebooted Tranquility today since there were hundreds of people getting stuck every hour. We're also moving some of the new high load tables to faster drive volumes on our SQL cluster. We're still investigating what's causing the performance problems which eventually results in Tranquility getting into this stuck scenario.

All able hands are reading logs, debugging and monitoring Tranquility and we could also use your help. Running the log-server and submitting the log from it can help us immensely to better understand what's affecting the client-server communications. How to use the log server can be read about in this forum thread.

We're all very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, if you have lost anything due to the server problems, please petition your loss to the GM's.

I would also like the opportunity to remind you about the Dev Blogs. They are available ingame at the link bar above the news and of course on our player website. The most recent one is Hellmar, our CEO on our long term plans to address the cluster performance in "Max Headroom" and I explained our Optimization efforts and the many places lag can be created in "Optimizations, Optimizations, Optimizations"