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Reikoku Corporation Reforming as Reikoku Reloaded

2009-04-06 - 作者 Svarthol

A former Reikoku [RKK] pilot has claimed that Reikoku are not disbanding but are transferring to a new name and ticker, Reikoku Reloaded [RKZ.R].

Rumours began at the end of last month when Menta Fox of PuPPet MasTers asked on the Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussion board of GalNet what was happening with the sudden drop in Reikoku's staffing list. Membership has dropped from over 600 to 220 in a matter of days.

SFShootme's initial response was that RKK members could wind up in a new corporation formed with members of Destructive Influence, to be called Relentless Influence [RiCE]. LadyScarlet of Destructive Influence even displayed a banner which she claimed was supposed to be their official picture.

Perpello, the source of the claim, stated:

"Reikoku is not disbanding nor are the rumours of a merger with another corporation true. But we are re-forming into a new corporation. As for the reasons, it will all become clear in the due course of time and I will not comment any further."

The listed description of Reikoku Reloaded is "Thank god I can now fix the shares problem!"

In November 109, one million Reikoku shares were placed on sale to the public by an unnamed individual using Verone of Veto Corp as an intermediary.

The mystery seller was suspected at the time to be Lion el'Johnson, who had been a director of Reikoku, left it while in possession of 1 million RKK shares and later went on to join Veto.

At the time, Reikoku CEO Dianabolic stated an intent to transfer the corporation's assets and employees into a new CONCORD-registered corporate entity. Such a transfer never happened, however, until - possibly - now.

Reikoku's blueprint holdings and their locations became widespread knowledge as a result of the share sales.

By moving members and assets into a newly-registered corporation, Reikoku could possibly restore a measure of corporate secrecy, but any towers anchored for RKK will remain the property of Reikoku, not Reikoku Reloaded, unless taken down and put up again by a member of RKK.R.

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