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Riots break out on Pator following Ushra'Khan tournament loss

2008-03-10 - 作者 Svarthol

Pator - Shortly after the Ushra'Khan alliance was officially eliminated from the 5th Alliance tournament following their loss at the hands of eXceed., riots broke out across several cities on Pator.

The Ushra'Khan tournament team was not one of the favorites to win the entire tournament according to odds makers, though they had vast popularity in the Minmatar Republic. As the only alliance in the tournament to openly support the Matari people and their way of life, many fans in the Republic had deeply invested themselves in the success of the team.

Their loss sparked violent incidents across the Republic, with at least one million various fights being reported to police, and possibly more that went unreported. However, only five incidents - all on Pator - erupted into full-blown riots.

The riots left over one-thousand injured, seven reported dead, and caused millions of ISK worth of property damage. Police do not believe the riots were part of any planned demonstration of violence. "All evidence points to these riots being a spontaneous outpouring of emotion following an unfavorable outcome in a sporting event," said Captain Minas Kant, the lead investigator in the case.

So far, thirteen have been charged with inciting riots, with an undisclosed number of people arrested for disorderly conduct. Police expect more arrests to occur as security tapes continue to be reviewed.