Sansha's Nation forces move on Angel Cartel Territory | EVE Online

Sansha's Nation forces move on Angel Cartel Territory

2006-01-20 - 作者 Svarthol

A few days ago Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) forces, on behalf of the Angel Cartel, destroyed a Sansha's Nation exploratory force in TR07-S. Sansha's Nation forces, commanded by Frazier Eachann, attempted to establish a foothold in the area using a Mobile Starbase structure as a forward base.

Their forces consisted of 3 Revelation-class Dreadnoughts and 24 Nightmare-class Battleships. These ships moved into TR07-S and proceeded to deploy an Starbase near a moon in the system. They were met on the battlefield by an equally impressive ASCN force, which Ascendant forces included 4 Dreadnought-class vessels. The Archangels fielded a Naglfar-class Dreadnought, to aid their allies.

The ASCN forces marshalled nearby, an hour after the call had gone out. Their fleet of 164 waited for the order to attack. With an initial positioning of the ASCN fleet 400km above the well-armed Starbase, they soon warped into point blank combat range and fierce barrages between the two opposing fleets commenced. Initially Sansha's took the upper hand, but Ascendant's sheer force of numbers turned the tide of the battle, resulting in total loss for the Sansha's fleet. The final toll for Ascendant was 2 Amarr-class Dreadnoughts and approximately 20 battleships. With the field cleared of hostile ships the Ascendant fleet turned its attention to clearing the POS structure removing the last evidence of Sansha's presence.

The Cartel diplomat Xavier Khun has been previously spotted with the Ascendant Frontier alliance. Rumour has it that the two forces have been involved with each other for the past two months. Previous Cartel/Ascendant co-operations have not been publicly acknowledged until now, the appearance of Xavier Khun himself as pilot of a Naglfar dreadnaught in the strike-force confirming the relationship between the Angel Cartel and ASCN.

With the improving relations between the Ascendant Frontier alliance and Angel Cartel it seems the Angel Cartel felt it would be an opportunity for Ascendant to prove their friendship. Leader of Ascendant Cyvok had this to say, "ASCN has committed itself to helping the Cartel whenever we are called upon or given information". Speaking to Cyvok after the monumental battle, he had this to say, "This was a real opportunity to show our worth to the Cartel and earn some respect on the battlefield from both the Cartel and Sansha."

The implacable remnants of the Nation were characteristically silent, despite numerous attempts to get their comments on the battle, or their move into the Cartel’s territory.