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Senior Caldari Funds Unlimited Personnel Resign

2010-03-26 - 作者 Svarthol

Litiura - Four highly placed members of Caldari Funds Unlimited's executive staff resigned today, as reports continue to trickle out of the Caldari Business Tribunal regarding its ongoing investigation of the State's largest independent bank. The Tribunal has now confirmed that it has opened an investigation into the corporation's finances, and details are emerging as to the exact nature of the irregularities being looked into.

The four CFU executives, Sirotova Fukikaga, Tsurkuma Siainki, Orpakku Konken and Tatkashin Pukuwakai, were all junior vice-presidents in the corporation's investment banking and retirement account divisions. No reason has yet been given by either the executives or Caldari Funds Unlimited for the resignations, but there are reports that at least two of the four have been taken into custody by the Home Guard.

Meanwhile, sources within the Tribunal have told the Scope that investigators believe Caldari Funds Unlimited may have misreported thousands of financial transactions to the House of Records, a violation of Caldari banking regulations. As a result, CBT officials believe CFU may have far less ISK reserves than it was reporting to the House of Records and Tribunal, possibly even below the minimum demanded to secure its deposits and maintain its other operations. If this is true, it would constitute a major violation of Caldari law.

In addition, Caldari Funds Unlimited CEO Jaan Omura is apparently under personal investigation, due to alleged contact with individuals linked to the Gallente Federal Intelligence Office. Though the Tribunal has officially denied that this is the case, the Scope has it from reliable sources that both the Caldari Navy and Corporate Police Force have been contacted for assistance with the investigation. Neither CFU nor Omura herself have been available for comment.