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Tash-Murkon Navy Officers Honored By Khanid Kingdom

2008-10-28 - 作者 Svarthol

Tash-Murkon Prime – Khanid Ambassador to the Tash-Murkon court Oyu Mareyi today presented medals to the officers and crew of the Tash-Murkon vessels involved in last week's incident in Aldali. Though the heir herself was not present, members of her family as well as members of her court did attend the ceremony, which lasted just over three hours.

The ambassador and his staff also met with a number of Tash-Murkon economic advisors. This has given rise to speculation that the Kingdom may be trying to strengthen its economic ties to the Tash-Murkon Family, with whose territory they share a border. Though the Tash-Murkon Family has been cautious in their dealings with the Kingdom in the past due to its precarious political position as the only non-Amarr royal house, last week's incident has been widely seen as a much-needed icebreaker for the two.

Meanwhile, Ekatan Yamarada, Tash-Murkon Naval Chief of Staff, responded to claims by Yonis Ardishapur that the Tash-Murkon exercises near Aldali had delayed the Ardishapur response to the Khanid distress calls. "I am sure that the navy of such a noble house could see that our transponder codes were friendly, and certainly no threat to their space during these times when all loyal subjects must pull together," she told the Amarr Certified News. "We must move beyond trying to shift blame and instead focus our efforts on finding those responsible for the deaths of 37 crewmen. We again extend our offer to assist the Ardishapur Family with their investigation any way we can."

The admiral did not name the group she thought was responsible for the attack, though she did say that the Tash-Murkon commander on the scene believed it was the doing of a prominent, but unnamed, Minmatar capsuleer alliance.