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Territorial Shifts as the New Year Begins

2011-01-07 - 作者 Svarthol

Yulai, Genesis - As New Eden enters the year 113, there have been minor shifts in the balance of power in null security space.

From 01 - 02.01.113, Rebel Alliance of New Eden [RANE] and Majesta Empire [ME] are recorded as having the largest territorial gains. RANE has gained three systems in Wicked Creek - 30-YOU, 4F89-U and J7-BDX - after Marine Holdings, formerly of Jagged Alliance, joined RANE. ME, meanwhile, resecured two systems in Vale of The Silent - KX-2UI and MO-FIF - after The Praxis Initiative left them to join Gentlemen's Agreement.

The largest losses of the period befell Circle-Of-Two, who typically see a period of low membership and activity towards the end of a year and into the start of a new one. They dropped sovereignty in two systems in Impass - 9-IIBL and 3-UCBF. R.A.G.E also lost sovereignty in two systems in The Kalevala Expanse - F48K-D and UJXC-B.

Cold Steel Alliance erected the first outpost of 113: an Amarr Factory installation in A3-RQ3, Vale of The Silent.

The current alliance rankings (ordered by number of outposts) place IT Alliance in the lead with 61 outposts and 5600 members. Second is The Initiative with 42 outposts and 1600 members, while Legion of xXDEATHXx is third with 36 outposts and 1100 members.

While relatively quiet on the territorial front in its opening days, 113 will not be without its heavy wars. Fighting between Pandemic Legion and their former allies in the Northern Coalition is ongoing in Venal over valuable Technetium moons, Goonswarm Federation and their allies, Test Alliance Please Ignore, are fighting IT Alliance in Fountain in the latest incarnation of past wars between Goonswarm and Band of Brothers and it remains to be seen whether Providence's sovereignty will stabilize.

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