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The Empire Strikes Back

2007-11-21 - 作者 Svarthol

DED investigators tracked down and ambushed cohorts of the prison transport hijackers in a shock dawn raid on a Society of Conscious Thought School.

The DED have announced that following the recent destruction of a CONCORD prison transport vessel they were tasked with tracking down the perpetrators and dismantling any infrastructure they may have.

After carefully interviewing residents and informants in the Geminate region a connection was found to the Society of Conscious Thought School in FDZ4-A, in the vicinity of planet eight.

DED carefully planned a dawn assault on the school in order to minimise any potential resistance, surprise was guaranteed as officials at the establishment were not notified.

"It went according to plan, once the main station building was breeched we found what we were looking for. At this time I can tell you that we were looking for six suspects, all six were found, two of these terrorists were taken alive," revealed Commander Haram Goskaktar, DED's head of security.

Idmei Sver, the chief executive officer of the Society of Conscious Thought said shortly after the raid: "It's outragous, attacking a school, however I have been assured by a DED advisor that the school is not suspected in any way and that they were after some cartel scum disguised as students. They have tons of evidence from their quarters so let's hope all this mess was worth it." At this point Sver was firmly led away by DED officials and was overheard being told not speak to the press.

In a final twist to these events the Jovian directorate have issued a statement on the raid. As the majority shareholder in the Society their words carried much sway. All the moreso given that it is believed to be the highest governmental authority in the Jove Empire, though this has never been confirmed by the Jovians.

"The DED conducted a raid on a Society of Conscious Thought School to apprehend terrorist fugitives. All but two suspects were killed during the raid. The directorate fully cooperates with CONCORD in continuing the struggle against these hijackers. The DED have now finished evidence gathering at the school and we will be informed of any developments regarding the former students. Until then it's business as usual," said Chief Advisor Kalmaran Dophar.

CONCORD and DED have refused to reveal any further details of the assault.