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The New World Order(ish)

2005-02-23 - 作者 CCP Oveur

We're working on changing the universe a bit (which is probably an understatement) and one of the things that are changing are the gates, which are in preparation for some storyline changes. This includes removing select highways in empire space and adding/removing a number of gates in 0.0.

Since this is quite an operation and can easily disrupt several of the current player ecosystems, I have opened up a way to send suggestions regarding changes to gates outside empire space. The ones inside Empire are more set since it's more tied into the storyline.

You can send your suggestions to interbus at ccpgames dot com, where you have to show visually on a screenshot of the ingame map your proposal for new gates. All gates then have to be listed in the mail with originating and destination system, along with your reasoning for why this gate should be done. You must also state your experience of the area you are suggestign changes to, how long you have played, your player name and corporation along what alliance your are in if any.

Mails that do not have the previous requirements in will be deleted. Emails are not responded to and the suggestions are a way for you to point out to us interesting possibilities, not to open up a private dialog with me on your favorite thing that should get nerfed or boosted :)

The most complete suggestions, such as covering an assembly of regions will be more likely to grab attention. Points to keep in mind that we are looking for:

  • Open up deep space regions (think current 40+ jump regions)
  • Move chokepoints further out from Empire
  • Increase number of chokepoints in said deep space regions
  • Removing current gates is acceptable
  • Don't think "highways" when opening up space, think shortcuts.
  • 0.1 to 0.4 system changes can be part of a larger proposal
  • Less is more

While I do expect most of the suggestions to be biased, I'm confident that we'll recieve some less biased and interesting proposals.

Last, but not least, I will not entertain any speculation on what the changes are to empire nor what the new world order entails. You can discuss this topic in this thread. This is not a discussion of IF but HOW, just to make that clear. And first question is of course when? This is happening some months down the road.