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2009-07-03 - 作者 Svarthol

OE-4HB, Tenal - RAZOR Alliance was robbed last week of over 200 billion ISK in cash and war materiél while they were moving their forces home after their successful Southern Campaign.

The Guiding Hand Social Club [GH-SC], a notorious gang of thieves and saboteurs with several high-profile heists under its belt, claimed responsibility for the theft, but perpetrator Drago Musevenii now adamantly denies their involvement.

The events of theft itself are undisputed but accounts differ dramatically as to why Drago chose to rob CEI.

On the 25th, Istvaan Shogaatsu (the Guiding Hand Social Club's joint founder/CEO, along with Tyrrax Thorrk) issued a press release claiming responsibility for the theft. The RAZOR heist would bring the organization of operatives and infiltrators to its one-trillionth ISK in stolen assets.

Drago Musevenii had publically joined the GH-SC at the rank of "Operative" after the theft but he now claims his first contact with the organization was after the robbery.

"[Tyrrax] thought it would be good publicity if everyone thought GH-SC had infiltrated RAZOR and I was eager for the public to believe it had been a planned infiltration and heist, rather than me betraying the trust of my friends for my own personal gain."

Drago went on to explain that he now deeply regretted joining the Guiding Hand Social Club, because of the knock-on effects it had on his friends still in RAZOR.

"Joining GH-SC affected the friends I had in CEI more than I thought. They were brought under suspicion of also being 'GH-SC operatives.' They had their roles stripped and people started to mistrust them."

CEI CEO Fred0 doesn't rule out the possibility of GH-SC involvement, however, but is certain that "Drago became a GH-SC operative when he got tired of CEI. This was not planned by GH-SC since he joined."

Tyrrax Thorrk, Istvaan Shogaatsu's partner-in-crime in the Guiding Hand Social Club, tells a radically-different story to Drago's.

"Several months ago (November I think) we acquired an operative within Cutting Edge Incorporated... He was a friend of one of our members and had landed himself in a spot of trouble we could smooth out for him."

Tyrrax claims she instructed her new operative to "nestle deeper, take on additional responsibilities, help with logistics; that kind of thing."

"We've found the best way to take a corporation for everything is for our agent to be its finest member. The more work you do, and the more people look to you for help and advise - the more access and trust you get."

Guiding Hand Social Club deny that they were hired to rob RAZOR. Instead, they say they were proving a point. Joss Sparq and Shigsy (pilots apparently unconnected to RAZOR) had previously and separately called GH-SC "irrelevant". Tyrrax claims the theft was merely an demonstration of the corporation's continued relevance.

Was Drago Musevenii an independent agent swept into the Guiding Hand's clutches as part of a publicity stunt? Or is this a double-bluff from Tyrrax Thorrk, laying out the facts while Drago's contradictory claims create a cover for other maneuvers. Only these two people know the real story, but little that involves the Guiding Hand Social Club is ever straightforward.

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