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Vitoc shipment destroyed, freedom fighter integrity called into question

2005-09-06 - 作者 Svarthol

Khifomek Mareyi, a member of the Amarr Trade Registry, was killed late last night moving a shipment of Vitoc from Asrios to Amarr. Also thought to be related to this incident, two bodies were discovered in Emrayur showing signs of having died from Vitoc withdrawal. These bodies have been confirmed as two of the escaped gladiators belonging to the now deceased slave-holder, Bamadak Pareh.

Mareyi was killed when a group of Matari freedom fighters ambushed her and her pod-pilot escort somewhere in the Yooh system. The Impel pilot had recruited an escort earlier, having heard reports of a marauding gang of gladiators hanging around the Emrayur system. Unfortunately, they were ill-equipped to handle the Matari ambush and both ship and cargo were lost.

It appears that the gladiators were hoping to ambush the Vitoc convoy to fulfil their needs. Unable to acquire the drug, two of those addicted fell victim to Vitoc withdrawal and, ultimately, a very painful death.

These rogue gladiators are desperate to survive, though their motivation is still a great mystery. Tilkk Hettad, a Nefantar and senior professor at the Royal Amarr Institute school where the bodies were found, commented as follows.

"These freedom fighters think they're fighting for the good of all Minmatar, but tonight they were the cause of two deaths. Right now I can't decide whether they're good guys or bad guys."