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Writing Contest Winners Announced

2011-04-19 - 作者 Svarthol

Gulfonodi, Molden Heath - Last week Silver Night of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, Electus Matari, announced the eight winners of his second annual fiction contest, with Matariki Rain's story "True Lines" taking first place.

The writing contest was announced six weeks ago and, like last year's contest, only accepted stories about non-capsuleers. Silver Night said he was very happy with the number and quality of entries.

First place was awarded to Matakari Rain, CEO of Lutinari Syndicate in Electus Matari alliance. Her story, "True Lines," told the tale of a former slave returning to the Republic.

Silver Night said "Matariki's story stood out for me. It was artfully rendered and thought-provoking ... [it] held a note of hope."

Matariki was pleasantly surprised by her victory. She explained that she aimed high with her story but was prepared for a low ranking.

As winner of first place in Silver Night's Second Annual Fiction Contest, Matariki Rain will receive 300 million ISK and a faction battleship but has not chosen which. She said she was considering either "a Bhaalgorn [or] a Machariel: definitely something with a Matari component."

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Silver Night's Second Annual Fiction Contest
"True Lines" by Matakari Rain​

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