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9204 work hours into Shiva

2004-09-15 - By CCP Oveur

After 30 days of crunching Shiva we have logged 9204 work hours. I'm at 314 hours myself. We have the core functionality of Player Owned Structures (Tentative real name is "Starbases") hammered down into code, clearing out bugs and starting work on defensive structures. Moon mining is also starting integration work, that's the part that will generate materials that you can, amongst other things, manufacture current and future Tech Level components from.

Complex infrastructure just about done so "level editing" commences in the next days, we'll have 4 people creating them. This should allow us to add screenshots to the Shiva Complex section after a week or so. Our Agent improvements are ready for testing, authoring of content for the new agent services will start today! There'll be 3 or 4 on that.

Market is done, some UI magic still left and the skills for the market will be released in the next server side content update that's still on track for the 28th. The NPC Officers will also be released then with their ultra-violent loot.

UI Improvements are pretty much fleshed out, waiting for some core client changes to be finished so it can be wrapped up and removed from the surgery table. It's mainly the common set targeting and the wing hierarchies that needs changing in the core. Corporation, War and Alliance is in for the most part, been in testing a couple of weeks, we're just finishing the standalone features in each of them (Logs, Multiple Wallets etc.).

Contraband or more correctly Illegal items is in, just need the appropriate NPC's to scan cargo and act on it. They are special "Customs" NPC's it's not going to be CONCORDOKEN. We changed the design a bit for the whole Contraband, you'll see it in the upcoming Shiva page update.

The Battlecruisers and Destroyers sit and await tuning, next mining ships and then faction ships. System scanning not started yet since it was a late addition to Shiva, so no page to update yet. Mining improvements waiting for a developer opening for the final push. Environments + Moon Mining + Mining Improvements = distribution of resources. We won't change current ore distribution, don't worry, however new resources will not follow the current ore distribution. Yes, that means "OMG0R3SUXH3R3KTHXBYE" systems could get valuable. Well, and current valuable systems might get more valuable :)

I think that's about it for now, I'll give you an Shiva update blog again when I have something good to report. We're mostly on schedule, some things are talking longer than we'd like, but that's why we have prioritization! First things first. So my private Titan should be available over the next days =)