An Update Regarding Recent Login Server Issues | EVE Online

An Update Regarding Recent Login Server Issues

2017-12-04 - By CCP Falcon

After recent disruptions to the Login Server (single sign on; SSO) system, we’d like to give a little more information on the cause of these outages and work that’s currently being undertaken to fix the cause of the issue.

Typically, this issue has been manifesting itself in a few ways for our pilots:

  • Infinite loading wheel in the EVE Launcher.
  • Broken or missing logon fields in the EVE Launcher.
  • 404/500/503 and other errors when attempting to log into official websites.
  • The EVE Launcher “forgetting” accounts that were previously logged in.

While most pilots will be encountering these problems in the EVE Launcher, these issues are in fact related to the Login Server, which governs all logins to EVE Online, and affects our websites and services that require login.

We’ve had many reports from pilots regarding the issues listed above and are currently working to resolve the situation. This is something we take incredibly seriously and we’d like to re-assure all pilots that it’s of the highest priority that we resolve the cause of this issue as soon as possible.

The recent behavior from our Login Server has been traced back to memory issues where the nodes responsible for handling login requests have run out of memory, possibly due to a memory leak. This in turn has been causing latency and/or timeouts of the Login Server on our websites when pilots attempt to log in, and when the EVE Launcher has been requesting login information and authentication tokens from the Login Server.

For now, we’ve made a few changes to how the Login Server utilizes its memory, which will fix the issue in the short to medium term while we work towards a permanent solution.

Some pilots have also expressed concerns regarding the launcher “forgetting” accounts with tomorrow’s deployment. This should not be an issue after recent changes.

We’d like to offer our most sincere apologies for the disruption that’s occurred and re-assure all our pilots that it’s being worked on as an issue of the highest priority.