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Catiz Tash-Murkon moves forward visit to Kador Prime

2008-11-01 - By Svarthol

Kador Prime - Dignitaries from the Tash-Murkon Family, headed by Royal Heir Catiz Tash-Murkon, travelled to Kador Prime today to meet with the Kador Family.  This state visit was not due to occur for another 4 weeks, but was moved forward at the personal request of the Tash-Murkon Heir herself.

The Tash-Murkon Family has declined to give comment to any reason for the sudden expediency, with Catiz Tash-Murkon herself only giving a short statement on her departure earlier today "I am delighted to be visiting Heir Kador's domain once again and look forward to some interesting discussions."  Uriam Kador himself seemed in jubilant mood, extending a warm welcome to his fellow Heir and gifting her the freedom of his domain for her visit.

While state visits between Heirs are a relatively uncommon venture, when they do happen they are accompanied by much pomp and ceremony and are publically announced well in advance of the actual date.   This is the first such state visit between Heirs since the death of Emperor Doriam II.