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EVE Vegas 2019 – Fansite Passes!

2019-10-07 - By CCP Falcon

Glorious Capsuleers!

While the EVE Fansite Program is currently on a bit of a hiatus as we work to bring a replacement program together for it, we still want to make sure that our community contributors who’re coming along to EVE Vegas are given access to the event.

The window is now open for those who operate a registered fansite under the current program to request complimentary fansite passes for EVE Vegas 2019.

All registered fansites are eligible for two full passes for EVE Vegas 2019 – this gives access to EVE Vegas and the Saturday night party at OMNIA.

Other events such as the Pub Crawl and Axe Throwing are ticketed separately.

How Do I Claim My Fansite Passes?

The operator of the fansite will need to email CCP Falcon directly at falcon@ccpgames.com with the following information:

  • The name of your fansite.
  • The character names of the two people claiming the fansite passes.
  • The real-life names of the two people claiming the fansite passes.
  • A contact email for each of the two people claiming the fansites passes.
  • Any Eventbrite order numbers for purchased passes that need to be refunded.

Once you’ve provided this information, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know that your passes have been reserved.

Who’s Eligible For Complimentary Passes?

All community contributors that fit in the following categories:

  • Registered fansites.
  • Recognised streamers who are part of the CCP Streamers Discord.

If you are the operator of an EVE Media site that is present on CCP’s Company Slack server, CCP Convict will reach out to you in the coming days to take care of issuing your two complimentary access passes.

The last date that Community Contributors will be able to claim their passes will be Sunday, October 20th, so please be sure to email in before then so that we can get you set up on the guestlist.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at EVE Vegas!