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Industrial Espionage Threatens Classified Research Project

2003-09-24 - By Svarthol

CRIELERE – Concord police vessels quickly destroyed a Kestrel-class frigate that forced its way out of the Crielere Research Lab despite a station security lockdown. There are unconfirmed reports of gunfire and at least one explosion onboard the station immediately prior to the Kestrel’s departure from the docking bay. Although the area currently remains off limits to non-essential personnel pending the completion of the police investigation, reports are leaking through about a botched attempt to steal some of the hyper-secret technology currently being developed there. A Concord investigator who did not want to be identified stated that the busted heist was both “elaborate in scheme” and “positively corporation-funded”. He refused to divulge the name of the suspected corporation for “reasons that ought to be obvious” and warned not to “jump to conclusions just because the destroyed vessel was of Caldari design.”

Often labeled a “resource drain” by local politicians, the joint Caldari-Gallente research project(s) taking place in Crielere have been shrouded in a veil of secrecy ever since the much-heralded completion of the lab several weeks ago. The complete lack of public access to any of the projects currently underway there has been the source of circulating rumors that a military project of considerable significance is underway at the facility. It is unknown if this latest development will be the cause of any setbacks to the research.