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Legion of xXDEATHXx Titan Downed

2009-06-10 - By Svarthol

Scalding Pass - On Monday 08.06.111, a Legion of xXDEATHXx [XIX] Titan was downed by Atlas capsuleers working in concert with pilots from Krautbreak, Minor Threat and Cult of War, collectively known as "Curse Coaliton." The kill occurred after several hours of heated battle during which both fleets tried to gain tactical control of the 1V-LI2 solar system, official reports confirmed.

The contested space represents an important logistics node for [XIX] and a thorough defence had been planned: [XIX] fleeted five titans, set up a cyno jammer and requested reinforcement from Red Alliance [RA] capsuleers. While it is alleged that they also called for support from Against ALL Authorities, none was provided, with their killboard showing forces engaged elsewhere.

At the beginning of the clash, Atlas first priority was to incapacitate the cyno jammer in order to bring a capital fleet inside 1V-LI2.

Following Atlas' attack [XIX]'s capsuleers scrambled to defend the jammer with all means available. Bobby Atlas recalls the battle: "Titans were [showing up] about 5-10 minutes apart and firing doomsdays solo... [they weren't] coordinated effectively, allowing us to down the jammer with minimal losses".

As soon as the jammer went down, Atlas jumped his capital fleet inside 1V-LI2 while XIX's titans took cover, but a spy was already lurking inside the Red Alliance fleet.

Dah'kanid of Atlas explains that when [XIX] and Red Alliance joined the fleet, a spy within the [RA] fleet realized he had information giving away the position of GAYVER7's Avatar.

Atlas' Fleet Commander tells us: "[Our spy] takes a squad commander position and invites our [heavy interdictors] ... [we] land, tackle and aggro the Titan ... our entire fleet warps on him".

The Avatar was destroyed in few minutes of intense fire.

The war in Detorid is not over. While Atlas' CEO claims he is satisfied with their current progress and momentum, [XIX] and allies will likely continue to put up a vigorous fight.

The Interstellar Correspondents attempted to contact representatives from XIX but none were avilable prior to publication. Our reporters will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as they arise.

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