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New Chronicle: The Vitrauze Project

2009-07-13 - By Svarthol

Not many people would remember today, what some would have called humankind's first daring step into the unknown. Outside of a few interested circles, the nature of the discoveries made by CreoDron on March 10th, YC111 have remained a secret almost nobody cared to uncover. In the end though, it doesn't matter if you're a Federation Senator, CreoDron's leading astrophysicist, or commander of the Black Eagles. Sometimes, the discoveries you try to embrace and secrets you to try to silence turn out to have lives of their own.

"The Vitrauze Project" is a new EVE Chronicle written by CCP Dropbear. Published every other Monday, Chronicles are intended to examine the various aspects of life in New Eden. The entire list is contained here, and a comment thread for this particular story may be found here.