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Piracy Increases in the Okunda Constellation

2009-12-08 - By Svarthol

Dantumi - Activity by the Guristas Pirates over the last eight weeks within the Okunda constellation have increased, according to reports from traders.

"It's getting too risky for peaceful traders like me to operate [in Okunda]," remarked Janhiere Fulvoine, an Intaki trader who has built up his business carrying waste products from the massive factories in the constellation. "It used to be such a peaceful area; the regular patrols of the corporate police forces prevented any large-scale organized piracy from occurring.  "

Another independent trader who has recently shifted his business out of Okunda is Kiril Hanullo. "It seems to me that the megacorps have shifted their defensive presence to these new areas of operations in conquered Gallente territory," he said.  "While they are making a fast buck out there, their homes are becoming infested with pirates."

Wiyrkomi Peace Corps has denied that they are overstretched. A spokesperson for the group commented, "We're not responsible for independent traders. They are happy to make the money when it is quiet, and they should use some of that cash to properly defend their own assets."  The Corporate Police Force refused to comment.