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Player-Driven Events At Fanfest!

2015-02-27 - By CCP Falcon

Mirroring EVE's sci-fi sandbox, Fanfest 2015 will have a more players-first approach than previous events. To that end, we're working on getting the EVE community more involved in the event by recently requesting submissions for player speakers and encouraging players to plan their own events (with some help and promotion from us, of course).

Thursday night will be fully dedicated to player events. So if you have any idea for an event, whether it's a hangout at a random bar, karaoke night, bowling tournament, holding the Reykjavík Open Championship in Dungeons and Dragons or just whatever idea you have, visit this site where you'll be able to get info and contacts for pretty much anything in Reykjavík.

Plan and book your event and let us know about it. If you want it to be "open to attendees" we'll advertise it for you in our Fanfest schedule. If you just want to keep it as a corp or alliance thing, make sure to check for spais.

We're looking forward to hearing you, and many CCPers will probably be along to join in the fun!