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Popular Actress Detained for Treason

2008-09-15 - By Svarthol

Charmerout - Actress Clarice Maya was taken into detention today on the orders of the Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, also known as "The Black Eagles." The young starlet stands accused of passing intelligence to agents of the Caldari State and has been detained for an unspecified period in an FIO facility on Charmerout II's southern continent.

Miss Maya has enjoyed enormous success as a holo star for over a decade. Her very first part placed her opposite leading man Tommy Arkaily, a Yashunen-born Deteis who has since been resident in the Federation for the last 15 years, though he retains a considerable fanbase on both sides of the border. The slow blooming of the couple's off-screen romance was heralded in the entertainment press as "a heartwarming show of unity between people of divided nations and a sign of hope for the future." With a Titan blotting out the sun in Luminaire, such remarks are now rare.

Onreun Coen of the Federal Intelligence Office issued the following statement regarding the arrest:

"Miss Clarice Maya has been taken into custody on suspicion of passing to the State specifications and blueprints of military technologies currently being researched by her father, Dr Emile Maya, in his work for CreoDron. We have spoken to Dr Maya extensively and are satisfied that he had no willing role in this betrayal. However, the data has been crossing the border somehow.

"Miss Maya's communications records were subpoenaed last week and showed several anomalies. Given her ongoing relationship with a Caldari State citizen, she has been moved to a secure location while the truth of this situation is ascertained.

"We would also like to speak to Mr Thomas Arkaily, last seen at 20:15 on the 19th boarding a shuttle at Charmerout Spaceport, and a Mr David Ouvek, his personal assistant."

Miss Maya's agent is currently assisting police with their inquiries. Her family is unavailable to comment.