Presidential elections to be held! Senate votes Foiritan out! | EVE Online

Presidential elections to be held! Senate votes Foiritan out!

2004-10-14 - By Svarthol

The Federation Senate voted this morning on whether president Foiritan was to hold his office or be booted out. Almost 80% of the Senators voted for Foiritan to be stripped of office, much more than the two thirds needed. This means that presidential elections will be held next December, where the public get their say on whether Foiritan is fit to continue as president or if he should leave the political arena for good.

The Federation has been in an uproar over the last days following Foiritan’s victory in the recent public elections held on his referendum for constitutional changes. Many have openly accused Foiritan’s administration of mishandling the elections, some even going so far as to say that the elections were rigged in Foiritan’s favor. The Senate, who opposed the president on his referendum, obviously believes that the public opinion has swung in their favor and believes that Foiritan has overstepped the boundaries of his authority one time too many. It’s ironic that the very referendum that made Foiritan enough enemies in the Senate for him to be voted out now allows him to run again in the upcoming elections.

Speculations are already ripe for what candidates will vie for the presidency. The rules for entering the run are very strict now, following some embarrassing moments some decades ago when thousands upon thousands entered the presidential race. Thus, like last time, only three candidates are expected. Foiritan is the most likely candidate for the Progressive Party, despite the opposition of many of his party members within the Senate. Mentas Blaque, leader of the Sociocrats, is also a probable candidate. Several more names have been named, but are still only speculations.

Interesting times are ahead in the Federation as all candidates must carefully choose the emissaries that will represent them and promote their cause to the general public. More on this later.