Pure Blind plays host to the Mordu’s Legion fleet | EVE Online

Pure Blind plays host to the Mordu’s Legion fleet

2005-11-15 - By Svarthol

Activities in Pure Blind have seen an increase recently with Mordu’s Legion and RAZOR Alliance pilots operating in this region.

Initially, a patrol last Thursday surrounding the 5ZXX-K system culminated in the establishment of a no fly zone around the Mordu’s Testing facility - designed to ensure a successful deployment of two Phoenix class Dreadnaughts belonging to the Legion. Three days later another patrol was launched, first covering all the systems surrounding 5ZXX-K then proceeding on to Torrinos, where the patrol reformed into an escort fleet for a RAZOR Freighter destined to return to 5ZXX-K.

Heated exchanges between the patrol and Jericho Fraction pilots were reported to have taken place during this second operation, with a warning issued by the Legion pilots against further harassing of RAZOR pilots by members of the Jericho Fraction.

Two Legion Pilots stand out in all of these events – Lieutenant Amerlik Raun, who is believed to have recently been demoted from his position of common flight commander due to losses sustained to the Legion during its withdrawl from ORE space, and Colonel Akuras, who is believed to had taken Raun’s former post. Both pilots were unavailable for comment. The arrival of two Dreadnaughts and two high ranking officials of Mordu’s Legion in the systemt,namely Major Koinahaila and the Colonel, each piloting a Dreadnaught,leaves a large portion of the universe wondering what exactly the Legion has planned for this Region.