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Recent Name Changes and Decisions

2005-11-08 - By kieron

Recently, the names of two player corporations were changed as the result of petitions filed by players. The changes resulted in an amount of controversy, forum posts, petitions, and IRC discussion.

The name change applied to the corporation SAS was done mistakenly and will be reverted. The change was applied without consultation of GMs in the position to make such a decision.

The name change given to 4S will not be reverted. Upon researching 4S, it was determined that the 4S slogan is a nationalistic slogan that, while old and honorable, has also been used by the militia and/or police during the war in Yugoslavia. This is a violation of the name policy and any such nationalistic slogan will not be allowed as a character, corporation, or alliance name.

The 4S corporation leaders are encouraged to contact the GM team for a new corporation name.

This decision and EULA enforcement will not be popular with players affected by the change. This is unfortunate. However, I would ask that spurious petitions, e-mails and forum posts cease. Abuses of the forums, e-mail system, support system, etc. are violations of the Terms of Service and will be dealt with accordingly.