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Special 2 year anniversay BIG lottery

2005-05-12 - By Svarthol

After two years of lotteries on a bi-weekly basis, BIG has decided to celebrate their 53rd round with a special lottery in honour of their second year anniversary. Regular BIG lotteries only feature one winner, claiming the first prize of 250,000,000 isk. This time however to reflect the special occasion BIG has doubled the first prize and added other prizes, including a variety of Tech II items.

We at the Interstellar Correspondents department have managed to get in contact with BIG’s CEO, TornSoul for a few questions regarding this rounds lottery.

Mr. TornSoul, what is special about your 2 year anniversary lottery?

"Well, the one very special thing about it is that it is in fact a 2 year anniversary. Those are rare. But I know what you are aiming at of course. What makes this round special - the 53rd round by the way - Is the huge amount of prizes we have got lined up to mark the occasion. Usually the BIG Lottery sports just a single cash prize, "Winner takes it all" style."

What are the chances of actually winning something?

"Well, to answer that – I would need to know how many tickets are sold - which I don’t. But taking the last rounds as basis, i.e. the amount of tickets sold the last rounds. Then the chance is around 10-15% to win something."

How many people usually participate in BIG’s lotteries and how many tickets are sold on average?

"The last many rounds it has been between 100-120 each round and around 200-250 thousand tickets sold, corresponding to 200M-250M ISK."

You have held special lotteries in the past, what are your expectations in participations for this round of your lottery?

"Well... it is very hard to speculate about... I would guess around 3 times as many participants as usual. Some of the prizes offered are rather sought after - and most importantly - hard to get by usually. 'Rare' Tech2 ships especially."

Concluding the interview Ms. TornSoul, added the following comment.

At an anniversary you always tend to 'look back' a bit. I am very happy and surprised that I'm able to look that far back - 2 years... I would like to use the chance to thank all those who over the years - Never thought I would be able to say that about the BIG Lottery - have taken part. The BIG Lottery is only there because people actually think it is fun to take part So, thanks to all those who have taken part over the years - and in the end made the BIG Lottery the record running success it is.

The ticket price for this special round is 1,000 ISK with a maximum of 5000 tickets per character and the winners will be drawn on May 23rd at 1800 Eve time. For further details of how to participate, visit BIG’s lottery site .