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Speculation On Rhatal Retirement Brought To A Close

2007-11-12 - By Svarthol

There have been further developments today regarding the retirement of CONCORD Commander Gispali Rhatal, and his mysteriously blank service record. CONCORD has issued a final statement this morning elaborating on the missing service history, bringing a close to the rampant speculation about former Commander Rhatal’s past occupation within CONCORD. “Close to three years ago, Commander Rhatal was assigned to co-ordinate logistical movements at one of our outposts along the low security boarder between the Amarr Empire and the Khanid Kingdom. His department provided fitting and repair services for CONCORD supply ships, our contractors and empire corporations.” The truth, it seems, is less glamorous than the mystery as the release continues further. “Another responsibility of this position is the co-ordination of supplies and their movements to and from the outpost itself. A job that former Commander Rhatal conducted with distinction before his unfortunate medical issues warranted his early retirement.” The CONCORD statement reiterates that they regret these unfortunate administration errors and have offered their apologies to Mr Rhatal and the general public. Mr Rhatal has continued to remain silent, despite public curiosity surrounding his resignation and requests for comment.