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State Protectorate Promotions

2008-06-13 - By Svarthol

On 13th of this month due to his continuing dedication and self sacrifice to the State cause, Protectorate Ensign Prescience was promoted to Second Lieutenant.Upon receiving this honour he said "It is one of the finest moments in my career, I felt like a god among men. Which, as a pod pilot, is exactly what I am."One of the most outstanding things about this situation is that Second Lieutenant Prescience is Gallente by birth but Caldari by choice. He said about this "Im exercising my right as a Gallente to choose freely. I choose to fight against my own people."Other promotions include:
First Lieutenant Krystal Engle
Second Lieutenant Roccia19
Second Lieutenant Admiral KwintThe State Protectorate looks forward to many more promotions.Watch this space for more news