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Struggle Against The Odds: A Hospital Ship Story

2009-03-25 - By Svarthol

APORULIE - With the giant ball of overheated gas approaching Seyllin I, the evacuation effort had turned into a frantic scramble for survival. Still, some people remained calm, trying to do as much as possible within the short timeframe. The Scope crew was present onboard the Obelisk-class freighter Gliding Star, operated by Renyn Relief charity fund, during the last hours of the doomed planet. 

The Gliding Star was dispatched to Seyllin as soon as news of the disaster emerged. According to Captain Jacques Dougard: "The Gliding Star was originally designed with hospital functions in mind, and that turned out to be a real blessing. Although we thankfully never had to employ for that purpose before, it operated well throughout its mission. Luckily, we had a large shipment onboard for a relief operation in Placid, so we did not waste any time and were able to arrive to Seyllin in an hour."

As the freighter swung into Seyllin I orbit, frantic conversion work began, and the first refugees started to arrive from the planet's surface.  

"Almost everyone from the planet was suffering from radiation burns and poisoning. We did not have nearly enough of the necessary medicines, and many people died in the first hour. As the situation planetside got increasingly dire, we started receiving many patients with laser burns and gunshot wounds.

"In just under two hours, the freighter medical bays were full and we set course for Aporulie when the blockade was imposed on Seyllin. 

"Even when we found out about the plasma wave, we were hoping to be able to make another run," says Captain Dougard. "But all we could do was sit in orbit helplessly. With so many people dead, saying 'we did everything we could' is not a consolation."