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Subscription 2.0

2008-04-01 - By CCP Hammer

Here at CCP we care very strongly about our product, and we're constantly evaluating new paradigms and thoughtspaces in order to better realize our Total Market Potential. Our goal is to enhance the customer experience by offering new product channels and opportunities, allowing our customers to participate through selective transactional channels and fully realize their potential as Valued Income Partners – VIPs!

Today we're announcing an exciting new service family, which we're calling "Subscription 2.0". In the spirit of Web 2.0, this new Integrated Business Bundle will allow VIPs – that's you! – to participate in the global product community, creating your own Tailored Product Packages in a way which best matches your Ideal Product Experience.

Just as Web 2.0 is built on top of Web 1.0, Subscription 2.0 will be built on top of Subscription 1.0. We're not changing the underlying Service Provision Model – you'll still be paying a monthly fee as part of your Community Participation Agreement – although certain product areas will be migrated across to Subscription 2.0 in order to enhance user choice through Selective Resourcing. Subscription 2.0 will allow you to invest in optional product areas on an ad-hoc basis, so you only pay for what you actually want!

Our launch product for Subscription 2.0 will be AmmoAnywhere!, which will be fully integrated into the client next week. It does exactly what it says on the tin – simply click the new "AmmoAnywhere!" button in the UI, and a new stack of ammunition will appear in your cargo hold. We've done everything we can to streamline this process, so there's no fiddling about with details and authorization: once you've set up your account to enable Subscription 2.0, clicking "AmmoAnywhere!" will automatically bill your credit card for the transaction as part of the Customer Experience Process. No hassle, no fuss, instant ammunition!

Of course, we've had to make a few changes in order to fully realize the Product Delivery Potential of this new service. First up, all weapons will now use "NanoAmmo", which automatically morphs into the desired ammunition type at the point of firing. This ensures that there's no confusion over what ammo types you need to buy, streamlining the customer experience.

Secondly, as we're projecting universal uptake for this service, we're removing the ability to manufacture ammunition in order to prevent people from erroneously utilizing manufacturing lines to build ammunition. This means more manufacturing capacity for everyone!

Contingent upon a fully realized Product Delivery Potential, we have an additional range of Subscription 2.0 services in the pipeline which will further enhance the Customer Experience Process. These include InstaClone, Dock-O-Matic, T1 and T2 releases of BlueprintNow!, and many more.

Subscription 2.0 – the future is TODAY!