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Triumvirate Relinquish Alliance Tournament Spot

2009-01-14 - By Svarthol

Triumvirate, last year's runner up at the Alliance Tournament, have announced that they will not be taking up the slot set aside for them at this year's competition. The reluctant decision to withdraw by the member corporations follows what has been a difficult time for Triumvirate.

Darknesss, a pilot within Triumvirate, commented: "Unfortunately an alliance like TRI does not fit in the political landscape of today's EVE, we like to work mostly alone, and prefer skill over quantity, but it's become a 2 sided game in 0.0." He went further to explain: "Now there are pretty much 2 sides in 0.0, if you attack any entity they have multiple entities to call to their aid. Triumvirate may come back when that landscape changes, and if there are opportunities for an alliance of our style to grab. A lot of us were really looking forward to [the tournament], but there is always next year."

_Mitthrawn Uruodo, a member of the Ev0ke team that won last year, commented: "I don't think the Triumvirate from today is the same from last year. - [but it] would have been nice to see and fight them again." _

No doubt vast numbers of spectators, gamblers, and participants of the tournament will be disappointed by Triumvirate's decision not to return for a shot at first place. They can still at least take away a glimmer of hope that they may yet return next year, at full strength.

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