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Vote for truth – Vote for justice!

2013-05-16 - By CCP t0rfifrans

Now is the moment of truth. As of midnight EVE time on May 6th we closed the True Stories website for new submissions, and opened it up for voting. The voting period is two weeks, ending May 21st.

As previously stated, there are rewards for the five top voted stories:

  • 1. prize: Round trip for two to Reykjavik, Iceland, including airfare and hotel accommodations. A visit to CCP headquarters to meet senior developers and 10 years subscription of EVE Online. In PLEX if you like.
  • 2. prize: 10 years subscription to EVE Online. In PLEX, if you like.
  • 3-5. prize. One year subscription to EVE Online.

At the end of the day, this isn’t about the trip to Iceland, or the decade of PLEX, or marveling at the stunning Icelandic nature. It’s about the stories themselves.

We highly encourage you to browse through the site, check out stories that both have been voted highly already and also those that may not have had the exposure or promotion that the top ones have had, but may be great nevertheless and well deserving of being upvoted. You can of course downvote as well, if you think a story does not have merit.

Notice that there is only one vote per account. If you vote for the same story with multiple characters on the same accounts, those votes will be consolidated into one.

You can now see which stories are at the top:


We also suggest that you make use of the points system, that allows you to add positive or negative points on a story. This allows you to explain your vote, helping others to make up their minds on a story.

As we announced at Fanfest, the Dark Horse comic book True Stories will draw inspiration from some of the stories on the site, as well as the upcoming EVE TV series. Thus it matters greatly that we get a fair, balanced, objective review of the stories submitted on the site. Well, perhaps not perfectly fair. And come to think of it, not quite balanced.  And not objective either. Well, in any case, it’s good if you vote!

CCP t0rfifrans

Creative Director, EVE IP development