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Wiyrkomi announce new Khanid contract

2009-10-28 - By Svarthol

Dantumi - Wiyrkomi announced that they have won a significant contract with Khanid Transport, expected to be worth nearly fifty billion ISK.

According to the terms of the deal, Wiyrkomi will ship almost forty million cubic meters of high grade electronic components from their factories in Lonetrek to Khanid Prime. The components are mainly deep space communications arrays and navigational computers for the aging Khanid Transport distribution fleet, expected to be used as a massive mid-life upgrade to Khanid Transportation’s infrastructure.This deal will allow the Khanid Prime-based company to trade more efficiently with the Amarr Empire.

Wiyrkomi has been steadily expanding their operations within the Khanid Kingdom over the last few months, and many business analysts view this contract as a major development in their foreign policy.