2018/08/21 - August Release Deployment Information | EVE Online

2018/08/21 - August Release Deployment Information

2018-08-17 - CCP Falcon

We're happy to announce that the August release will be deployed on Tuesday, August 21st during a slightly extended daily downtime.

Downtime for this deployment will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC and is expected to extend beyond the regular time for an additional 15 minutes. We anticipate that Tranquility will be back online and accepting connections at 11:30 UTC.

The August release brings a number of visual overhauls for ships, including the Navitas, Thalia, Tayra, Bustard, Badger and Crane. In addition to this, client performance improvements are also coming with this release, as well as the beginning of the roll out of an improved and simplified New Player Experience.

The Secrets Of The Abyss event also kicks off with this release, which contains event exclusive rewards including new mutaplasmids for Ancillary Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters as well as SKINS for Triglavian hulls. Be sure to rack up those agency points for exclusive rewards!

You can check out the full patch notes for the release here, and take a look at EVE Updates for more information on the release as well as a high level look at some of the content coming to EVE Online as we roll toward the winter.