Changes To Trial Length & Content Packs | EVE Online

Changes To Trial Length & Content Packs

2015-12-15 - CCP Falcon

After reviewing how our 30 day trial has worked out, we have decided to make changes to our trial offers for 2016.

As of today, December 15th, EVE Online trial offers will change as follows:

  • Sign up through for a 14 day free trial.
  • Sign up through a Recruit invite email or link for a 21 day free trial.
  • Our Explorer, Colonist, Skirmisher and Industrialist Content packs will now include 20 additional free trial days, applicable once per trial account, in addition to the ships, items and AUR in the packs. To make sure those who subscribe early do not miss out, any remaining trial days will be added to your subscription when you subscribe.