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EveTV - Gonna Happen!

2006-06-27 - CCP CAPSLOCK

We’re in full production now of what promises to be the greatest thing to hit EVE since Long-Limbed Roe hit the market. In July, Eve-Radio will be broadcasting right here from the CCP offices and bringing you over thirty hours of video material, absolutely free of charge.

July 14th-23rd will be something quite unique for Eve players. The alliance tournament kicks off, and you will have a chance to see every single match (95 of them) live, with commentary from the DJ’s of Eve radio. Expertise will then be provided by Stavros and Ifni, whom are flying to Iceland specifically to fulfill this task.

Streaming has been taken care of, and you will have a choice of both high (500kbps) and low (250kbps) quality streams. There will also be an audio-only stream provided through Eve-Radio for those with an audio-only preference.

Here are some of the features we intend to show (some are confirmed, others not):

Tour of CCP’s offices
Feature on EVE Mobile
Feature on EON Magazine
Fanfest Preview
Live dev chat
Report on the graphics upgrade
Interviews with various developers

DJ Xyliana will be directing the whole thing, with Urban Mongral as producer. Additionally DJ Xod, DJ Xman, JusJack, SpiralJunkie and Hinik will all be assisting us making this happen.

You will also have a chance to contribute. If you have an in-game video that you would like the world (of Eve) to see, we would be happy to show it. Please see this thread for more information.

Ideas for things you would like to see on the show are welcome. All in all it looks as though this will be a lot of fun.