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Fanfest 2023 – Calling All Player Presenters

2022-12-19 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Knowledgeable capsuleers,

With the holiday season upon us and EVE Online’s 20th anniversary just over the horizon, the time has come to put out the call for player presenters at EVE Fanfest 2023!

While there are many exciting things in store for Fanfest, the lifeblood of any EVE gathering has always been the sharing of experiences, memories, connections, and knowledge between capsuleers from around the world. Whether in venue halls, on the Pub Crawl, around Reykjavik, or onstage at Fanfest, we want to provide ample opportunity to share your stories with space friends both old and new alike.

If you are a passionate and articulate capsuleer with a special area of interest in EVE, and are interested in giving a presentation at Fanfest 2023, be it on a playstyle, community, activity, mechanic, lore topic, leadership philosophy, or anything else, send an email by 1 February to with a detailed outline of what you’d like to present.

Presentations should be a maximum of 30 minutes long, with an allotted 15 minutes for Q&A afterward, and any accepted applicant’s PowerPoint presentation must be submitted for review no later than 20 August.

On top of the excitement that comes with presenting your passions to your fellow capsuleers, all accepted presenters will also enjoy a free ticket to Fanfest 2023 (or a refund if you’ve already purchased one), as well as access to special facilities at the venue to relax and prepare for their appearances.

There are still Early Bird tickets available – and whether or not you’re looking to present, there’s always room for more space friends at Fanfest ❤️

Happy holidays; we’ll see you in space, and in Reykjavik next September!