118.10 Release To Be Deployed During Extended Downtime On 2016-12-13

We are happy to confirm that the 118.10 release will be released on 2016-12-13 during an extended downtime.

Downtime will begin at the usual time of 11:00 UTC, and will run through to 11:30 UTC, when we expect Tranquility to be online again and accepting connections.

The 118.10 release brings a number of features and fixes, including further station exerior renovations, a defender missile system overhaul, further iteration on Inception, the first stage of the New Player Experience, as well as improvements to the interface for in game flight academy videos and additional iteration on non-capsuleer mining operations that can be found throughout New Eden.

You can read more about the 118.10 release, and take a look at the patch notes over on EVE Updates!

For updates on the status of the Tranquility cluster during the deployment, please follow the EVE Status Twitter Account.