Clearance sale: Tronhadar Ink SKINs with massive discounts up to 80%

In celebration of the beautiful blue-golden Tronhadar Ink SKIN, we are releasing 29 new SKINs of this line. Additionally, we introduce fantastic discounts up to 80% on all the Tronhadar Ink SKINs during this sale from Nov 3rd to 9th.

All 45 Tronhadar Ink SKINs are now on sale, with prices starting at astonishing 250 AUR. Some examples:

Rifter: 250 AUR (down by 83% from 1540 AUR)

Sabre: 250 AUR (down by 83% from 1540 AUR)

Fenrir: 800 AUR (new!)

Naglfar:  800 AUR (new!)

This sale will run for seven days from 3rd of November to 9th, afterwards most of those ship SKINs will be removed from the New Eden Store (you still can, of course, trade the SKINs on the market and enjoy them on your ships).

If you ever wanted to decorate one of your Minmatar ships with a beautiful SKIN, now is the time!