Digital Items Available for EVE Vegas Ticket Holders!

We are happy to announce that all EVE Vegas attendees will receive a package of digital items as part of their EVE Vegas experience!  These items will also be offered to those who buy the EVE Vegas live stream. 

The Quafe Company has generously agreed to provide the Megathron Quafe Issue for promotion of EVE Vegas:

(Click To Enlarge)

In addition to this, all attendees and live stream buyers will receive both male and female "Nova" headwear in a time exclusive offer.

(This headwear will be made available for purchase in the New Eden Store at some point in the future, but attendees and stream buyers will get their hands on it first!)


In addiiton to this, attendees and live stream buyers will receive both a male and female version of an exclusive EVE Vegas 2014 digital t-shirt.

Tickets are still available for EVE Vegas 2014, but are selling fast! Grab yours today at the EVE Vegas Secure Website!