Emergency Tranquility Patch on Wednesday, 27 September from 0800 to 1400 GMT

An emergency patch will be applied to Tranquility tomorrow, 27 September, starting at 0800 GMT. Tranquility is expected to return to service by 1400 GMT.

As a number of recent News Items, Dev Blogs (2 blog links) and forum posts have pointed out, there have been a number of issues regarding Tranquility's stability. This patch is being deployed to address these issues.

The EVE team realizes a patch deployed on notice as short as this causes inconveniences for some of the EVE community. However, we feel the severity of the stability issues warrant a departure from the normal pre-notification and Tuesday deployment routine. As with any patch, we recommend training a longer duration skill in the event of patch deployment issues.

Patch Notes are now available for viewing. With this patch, we are also implementing a new build version tracking system, thus standardizing the client and server build numbers. The patch will update the client from build 4561 to 25245. The patch notes page will be updated with the new system in the near future.