EOC.TV Rumble - an action packed charity event open to all

There's a very promising player driven in-game event brewing on November 29 at 20:00 UTC (EVE time) that we want to draw your attention to. 

The EOC.TV Rumble is an open-to-all charity event and sign-ups are currently taking place. Known FCs will lead groups of eager participants to a single destination in what the organizers are promising will be "the craziest organized fleet you've ever experienced". We're excited to see how it all goes down.

Chribba will be in charge of handing out prizes and the entry fee of 100 million will go to well known charities and support groups such as Care4Kids, Best of Us and PLEX 4 Good.

The action will be streamed live from multiple locations simultaneously. Please go to EOC.TV for more details about the event.

See you in space!